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The Kilrush FRC aims to:

Support people in enhancing the quality of their lives through the provision of non-discriminatory support services with a friendly ear and the voice of encouragement.

Empower the local community by the provision of training in personal, family and life skills.

Encourage greater community participation and awareness by providing access to and utilizing a wide range of up to date, free information in a friendly and confidential atmosphere.

Develop a range of positive, recreational and social activities, which will be beneficial and fun for all ages. Through this we plan to encourage confidence building, the growth of friendships and the breaking down of barriers, which exist in our community.

Share the responsibility and ownership of the centre through a management structure that respects the needs, values and cultural differences in our community and is committed to developing a Family Resource Centre with a focus on strong local involvement.

The centre is busy all times of the year but especially in the winter months. The rural isolation experienced by so many of our community members is an issue that concerns all members of the project. Efforts are made within the work plan to attempt to address this. There are groups that meet all through the year to encourage and engage people to come out and meet with others. The area served by the Resource Centre has expanded in the past three years with participants and users coming from all of West Clare.

The Kilrush FRC, located in Kilrush Town, supports families and communities in a broad area of West Clare.

The social profile of Kilrush and West Clare has shown an unprecedented change in the past three years. The population of non-Irish-nationals has increased significantly, our older population has increased and class composition has changed.

The economic profile of the area has changed dramatically. The influx of EU workers has had an impact on the job market. The cost of living has increased with little increase in wages or opportunity. Land and housing prices have increased while rental property prices are rising daily. Unemployment is on the rise. The transport system is poor.

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